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What is NBR?

Natural Beaded Rowsutilizes rows of extension hair that layer around the head in a semi-circle.  The row or wefts are attached by first anchoring a thread with beads into your hair; then these rows (extensions) are stitching to the anchored row of thread.

A normal NBR application is made  up of 1 to 3 rows of hair, a process that can takes anywhere from three to five hours start to finish.

 NBR extensions semi surround  the head, Just one row can offer increased volume and, or added length.

Adding a second or even a third row, well give the  ability to achieve volume around your crown plus more length full body and wave. 

Extensions naturally boost your confidence level and will quickly become your favorite accessory that you never forget to leave behind!











Why NBR Extensions?

This method of extensions is the safest and has the least points of fasteners to your natural hair with no adhesive.

To achieve a natural blend, the extensions are custom colored to match your hair for the most seamless looking results.

The  placement of each extension row allows flexibility to meet the individual's needs.

Can you live a carefree lifestyle with Extensions?  Sure, you can maintain your active lifestyle while keeping a luxurious ponytails, beautiful top knots, or braids wearing NBR.

Remember, NBR Extensions are adhesive free, so removal is an easy

10 minute procedure!






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Starting from a bar napkin blueprint, and an idea,  my husband and I, created Salon Saia.  Saia, my maiden name, meaning Kindly, Peaceful, and Fortunate; we felt that  it's the perfect name for a boutique, cutting edge salon, with a care forward tranquil  feel.  Our mission is to make you your best kind of beautiful; from the moment you arrive to the time you leave.  Thank you, Whitney & Leif, as well as  The Salon Saia Team!

The caring team at Salon Saia Strive for excellent customer service, and  quality hair through education plus creativity.  This translates into giving you, the guest, an up-to-date color, cut and  best hand tied extensions...

Our Story

Our Vision

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